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Whiteley Wanderers News

Whiteley Wanderers News

Anti-Bullying Week

This week is Anti-Bullying week. As an initiative, the Hampshire FA have shared an open letter from a parent of a young referee, which our club encourage you to read.

Young referees are the backbone of our sport, putting in the time and effort to ensure fair and enjoyable games. But instead of appreciation, they often face inappropriate behaviour and verbal abuse. This is unacceptable and can discourage them from continuing to officiate.

As a club, we’re committed to protecting all young people involved in football, whether they’re players, volunteers, or our future referees. We want to create a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

I urge you to share the attached Open Letter from the parent of a young referee. It sheds light on the challenges these youngsters face and emphasises the need for a change in attitudes and behaviours.

If you witness any unacceptable conduct towards young referees, please reach out to our Club Welfare Officers, accordingly.

Thanks for your continued support.


Whiteley Wanderers News

A Weekend of Unity, Pride, and Gratitude: Whiteley Wanderers Honors Our Heroes

This weekend, our football teams, from our youngest youth squads to our seasoned men’s first team, united across Hampshire’s fields, showcasing the unwavering spirit and passion that define our club.

Remembrance weekend’s events served as a powerful testament to the spirit of Grassroots Football – a spirit that is built on respect, camaraderie, and a deep love for the beautiful game.

We saw these values reflected in every interaction, from the encouragement between teammates to the warm handshakes between opponents.